Parametric Desktop Bin in OpenSCAD

I’ve recently tried out OpenSCAD, and I’ve instantly become a big fan of it! ¬†OpenSCAD is 3D modelling software that creates models based on script rather than using an interactive interface. ¬†For example, to create a cube that is 10mm x 10mm x 10mm in OpenSCAD, you’d write script like this:


I’ve gone ahead and design some desktop bins (that I am using to hold stationary and tools) that can be completely customized. ¬†According to Thingiverse analytics, these bins have been customized and printed hundreds of times!

Parametric Desktop Bins


You can download the 3D print file on here on Thingiverse.

You can make your own custom bin, changing the size, appearance and densities using the Customizer on Thingiverse.

The OpenSCAD source code is available here.


Everspin Spinning Tops (Parametric OpenSCAD Spinning Tops)

If you’ve got a 3D printer, give these spinning tops I designed in OpenSCAD a try!

Everspin Spinning Tops

They can be downloaded on Thingiverse¬†(including the source code). ¬†If you’d like to customize them, you can change many aspects, including the way the pattern appears and the size, customization can be done online with the Thingiverse Customizer.

Here is a video of them in action, enjoy!